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Rajasthan Agricultural Competitiveness project (RACP)

The development objective of the Rajasthan Agricultural Competitiveness Project for India is to establish the feasibility of sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and farmer incomes through a distinct agricultural development approach by integrating agriculture water management and agricultural technology, farmer organizations and market innovations in selected locations across the ten agro ecological zones of Rajasthan. 

The major tasks performed by us:

  • IEC Activities
  • Display Board at each GP, Kala Jattha & Puppet show
  • Pamphlet Distribution
  • Development of Flex/ standee clearly showing RACP’s objectives in textual and pictorial form as well.
  • Provided facilitation and mobilization for community participation
  • Social Screening and Social Mobilization along with Technical Support required for the community with major line departments i.e. Watershed, Agriculture, Veterinary, Horticulture in Manoharthna,
  • Cluster under Agricultural Competiveness Plan (CACP) in 51 villages of  Manoharthana & 47 villages of Bari, Dholpur.

Geographical Coverage: Jhalawar & Dholpur, Rajasthan